Operating System


Get 24/7 OS Support from our experts

Are you facing problems while handling your Operating System. If yes, then our team is always available to resolve all your issues related to Windows, Mac, Linux. Are you looking for a solution to your blue screen problem? We will help you in solving all your problems while saving your time as well as money. Our team is available 24/7 to resolve your issues while being online.

There are a lot of computer or desktop users who still use Windows Older versions, and they always face issues related to it. Though such users can get support from Microsoft, it cannot be better all the time. But we are the one who always gives the best consultation related to the problems that occurred by it.

We have specialization in:

  • Setting up & configuration of all Operating Systems
  • Assisting in terms of the system settings and checking of other things
  • Facing issues related to the OS Crashing
  • Troubleshooting problems
  • Facing network related issues
  • Upgrading OS

Are you getting Irritated while handling slow Windows OS Processing?

Are you getting irritated while handling slow windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 processing? If yes, then we can help you in resolving your problem. We have certified and expert team who is always there to solve your problem related to the Window and OS as well.

Our support team will also assist you with how to prevent such problems in the future and what are the reasons for getting such problems. We guarantee to offer you the best and 100% genuine assistance related to how to handle the issues and the reason why you are getting such problems.

While you will call our team at Onwukwe Services LLC, you get an instant solution to your problem. We are the most reliable as well as expert services provider who never compromise on the quality of work. We make sure that your Windows will never create you problem, and you can enjoy doing your job.

What does our Windows XP Support services include?

  • Best support to those who are having low running computers
  • We help users in protecting them from Virus, worms or Malware
  • We assist users in making them clear that how to perform the backup of their computer
  • The best assistance for those who are getting problems related to their internet connectivity
  • Installation of the printers
  • Services for installation of the major windows drivers
  • Repairing or upgrading of the Windows

Windows 7 Support

Are you Looking for the technician, who can resolve all your problems related to Windows 7? If yes, then we are the team of the technician who can help you in resolving every major as well as a minor problem.

At Onwukwe Services LLC, we are aware of how difficult for normal computer users to resolve all the issues. We are the team of the World’s best support services provider who is available 24/7 to fix all your concerns and comes up with the best as well as a smooth performing operating system. With us, you will not need to get worried about your problems and finding the solution from any other platform. We have a highly experienced team that will securely get the remote access for your system and resolve your problems while saving your time.

We are expert in resolving problems related to:

  • Optimizing computer for better performance
  • Installing or uninstalling for the sound, video or LAN drivers
  • Resolving issues related to shut down or start of the computer
  • Understanding all the installation and up gradation tasks related to the windows 7
  • Checking problems in terms of the internet connection

Windows 8 Support

Are you facing any technical problem while handing Windows 8, if yes, then contact us to have the best solution of your problem? The team at Onwukwe Services LLC is known for its better support services and their brilliant knowledge. At Onwukwe Services LLC, you will meet a great team who will offer you an instant solution to all your problems and make your system run like a brand new one.

Fix all your Windows 8 Issues Instantly

While you will contact the team at our Onwukwe Services LLC, then you will feel that we are different as compared to the other services provider. We are more skilled, talented, and knowledge-worthy. 

We will never let your business suffer due to the problems related to Windows 8. We will make your computer run smoothly and will help you in boosting its performance as well. 

Facing compatibility issues? Call us Whether it is a problem related to the compatibility or anything else, we always come up with the best solution. After you contact, you will stay stress-free in terms of your windows eight related problems. 

What does our Windows 8 Support Services include?

  • Best support for Windows 8 drivers
  • Best assistance related to installation or up-gradation of the windows drivers
  • Facing issues related to WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity
  • Best solution related to the firewall problems
  • Repairing of the Windows 
  • Making Windows more secure and safe to use
  • Facing issues related to the Boot
  • Best support for the damaged registry problem
  • Performing backup or data recovery